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New Generations Floating Voters Association of Ghana (NG-FLOVAG) is a registered anti-partisan association founded in the year  2012. The association seeks to unit  every Ghanaian (home and abroad) who votes, but do not belong to any political party. The founder believe that, "floating voters" constitutes a great percentage of voters in Ghana, yet they're hugely neglected each time a particular political party comes to power. This association is focused on changing the "winner takes all political narrative", we are committed to hold every government on its toes in order to ensure they deliver their core mandates. Among many other things which space may not allow us to include, the association has it at heart to contribute deeply to the nation's development through social intervention, job creation, and empowering individuals to become financially independent. For future information and inquiry, please use the "contact us section"

Huruban John E. Anyigbanya picture

Huruban John E. Anyigbanya


Victus Kwaku Kudzordzi picture

Victus Kwaku Kudzordzi

Executive Member

Gulbee Azomah picture

Gulbee Azomah

General Secretary

Peter Saaka picture

Peter Saaka

NG-FLOVAG Ambassador to Spain

Martha Kyeremaa picture

Martha Kyeremaa

Executive Member, Dubai

Christy Hoenayi picture

Christy Hoenayi

NG-FLOVAG Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Mrs. Rose Golat picture

Mrs. Rose Golat

NG-FLOVAG Ambassador to UK

Wonder Akuamoah picture

Wonder Akuamoah

NG-FLOVAG Ambassador to Dubai

Djigbordi Nyavi picture

Djigbordi Nyavi

NG-FLOVAG Ambassador to New York



National Organizer

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